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Really interesting scenario analysis for Apply pay. I think there is a such high chance for something like an AppleNet being developed giving them 0.30% commission using the existing Mastercard payment rails. In terms of crypto is really early to comment on it as De-fi has still not stabilised and we have seen Apple play it safe with such tech to perfect it before jumping in. So, the Scope for A2A payments might become a part of this ecosystem given the fact that Apple Card already operates on the Mastercard payment rail. But it is similar to integrating UPI into Apple Pay in India. There is no real incentive for apple to enable payments through Faster payments(UK), SEPA(EU), RTP(ACH) or even FedNOW (potentially 2023). But apple maximising on the potential 0.30% until De-fi picks up is probable, and then an apple device based blockchain could also come into play to facilitate De-fi.

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